Linkage (technical)

Here’s a roundup of some interesting posts/pages on technical things.

Over at Larry Wasserman’s blog, Rob Tibshirani suggests 9 Great Statistics papers published after 1970. You know, in case you were looking for some light reading over winter break.

Videos from the DIMACS Differential Privacy Workshop are up.

All of these ads for jobs this year want someone who works on Big Data. But… do you really have big data? Or, as I like to ask, “how big is big, anyway?”

Speaking of big data, this talk by Peter Bartlett looks cool. (h/t Andrew Gelman)

Max Raginsky and Igal Sason have a tutorial on measure concentration. Log Sobolev inequalities are a dish best served cold.

I’ll probably do an ArXiV roundup sometime soon — trying to catch up on a backlog of reading and thinking lately.