Write Latex

Via Erin comes a link to a collaborative web-based LaTeX tool called WriteLaTeX. I feel like someone else told me about this before (it’s been around since the end of September 2011), but I still haven’t tried using it. Has anyone else had much luck actually writing papers with it?

ETA: : See also ShareLaTeX.



Tony Kushner responds to some of the criticism of Lincoln.

Paul Frees, the actor who played Boris Badenov was in a ton of other things — who knew?

The Simons Foundation wrote about differential privacy.

After being at NIPS, which was held in a casino megaplex, Andrew Gelman’s post on casinos had more resonance.

My friend John is blogging about his time at the Abhayagiri monastery. It’s an interesting look in on this kind of monastic life.

For those who missed the news, a package for Indiana Jones arrived at UChicago, but the truth is someone less ARG-like than expected.