Collaborative paper filtering?

At ISIT 2012, there were posters up for a site called Share Research Ideas, an initiative of a student at UIUC named Quan Geng. It’s a platform for posting and discussing papers — sort of like creating a mini-forum around ArXiV posts. It seems to be just starting out now, but I figured I would post the link to see if others take it up. I imagine as things scale up it might run into similar problems as Wikipedia with trolling etc, but it’s an interesting idea which has come up before in discussions with the IT Society Online Committee, for example.


3 thoughts on “Collaborative paper filtering?

  1. Hi Anand, I am Quan, thanks for your interest in ShareRI! Yeah, I just started this website about two weeks ago, and more features will be added soon. Now the only paper posted on ShareRI on arXiv, but actually you can discuss any published paper on ShareRI, no matter where they are published. As for the trolling problem, I plan to use a user rating system to solve this issue. Basically, all users can rate each comment and each paper, and it is highly likely papers and comments with high rating will be more useful and relevant.

    If you have any other suggestion and question about ShareRI, please let me know and I will be quite happy to discuss with you!

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