Bellairs Workshop 2012

The beach at Bellairs

The beach at Bellairs

I am spending the week at the Bellairs Research Institute in Holetown, Barbados. McGill owns this facility and faculty organize informal workshops throughout the year on various topics. There are two going on right now — one on control theory approaches in computer animation, and out workshop on signal processing in networks. The McGill side is Mark Coates and Mike Rabbat and a number of their students, both masters and PhD. Anna Scaglione and Angelia Nedich arrived recently.

The format of the workshop has been a mix of tutorials and student presentations and plenty of time for discussion and some problem formation. And of course, for the beach, which is just behind the research facility. Holetown is on the west coast of Barbados, and the Caribbean is warm and inviting. I’m having a great time, even though I am falling behind on my other projects and email and whatnot.

People from Barbados call themselves Bajans (‎/ˈbeɪdʒənz/), so one should be careful not to discuss p-values or t-tests around them.


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