ICITS Deadline Extension

Due to conflicts with other deadlines and conferences, the submission
deadline for the “conference” track of ICITS 2012 — the International
Conference on Information-Theoretic Security — has been moved back
ten days to Thursday, March 22, 2012.

The “conference” deadline is now Thursday, March 22 (3pm EDT /  19:00 GMT).
The “workshop” deadline is  Monday, April 9.

ICITS will have two tracks this year, one which will act as a regular
computer science-style conference (published proceedings, original
work only) and the other which will behave more like a workshop,
without proceedings, where presentations on previously published work
or work in progress are welcome.

For more information, see the conference website.


Bach Collegium San Diego Bleg

The Bach Collegium San Diego, a group with whom I sang on occasion has a Kickstarter going to fund a tour. Please consider helping them out!

The Bach St John Passion is truly coming full circle for the BCSD, as it was our debut concert in 2003. This year marks our second annual performance of this work. We are seeking to establish an annual tradition of performing a Bach Passion (and other Passion Music) near Holy Week and Easter leading to an eventual Easter Festival.

In order to help bring this annual tradition to reality, we’re asking that you consider helping to sponsor the 16 singers who will form the dynamic vocal ensemble that will propel this dramatic work. The size of the donation is not as important as the interaction and participation of our those who believe in our mission and work. We thank you in advance for your generosity and we look forward to seeing you at the performances in April!

Facts, “facts,” and ficts

After reading and hearing about The Lifespan of a Fact, I was primed to learn from TPM that the This American Life story involving Mike Daisey’s “trip” to see Apple’s products being made at Foxconn was retracted due to significant fabrications by Daisey, resulting in a episode entitled Retraction going into it:

When the original 39-minute excerpt was broadcast on This American Life on January 6, 2012, Marketplace China Correspondent Rob Schmitz wondered about its truth. Marketplace had done a lot of reporting on Foxconn and Apple’s supply chain in China in the past, and Schmitz had first-hand knowledge of the issues. He located and interviewed Daisey’s Chinese interpreter Li Guifen (who goes by the name Cathy Lee professionally with westerners). She disputed much of what Daisey has been telling theater audiences since 2010 and much of what he said on the radio.