A corrected plot of Time For First Team To Find The Coin versus Year

Robbie made some corrections to his earlier plot:
Time for first team to find the coin


8 thoughts on “A corrected plot of Time For First Team To Find The Coin versus Year

  1. Note that this year, HQ will stay open until 3:17 pm on Sunday, no matter when the first team finishes. (I believe we’re trying to change the notion that everyone should stop hunting as soon as the coin is found, although I don’t know whether that’s our official position.)

    • The basis for this graph is definitely “time until the coin is found” – HQ has stayed open for several hours past that moment for the past few years.

      In fact, I bugged him to pull out the graph and update it b/c we were skeptical of your optimism that the coin will be found before 3pm Sunday – but it looks like we are, in fact, due for another short hunt (if possibly slightly longer than last year) before we get a really long one maybe next year.

      Hey, I know a team who knows how to write an excruciatingly long hunt…

  2. Is the data behind this graph available? I’ve made an updated version, through 2012, for Manic Sages’ internal consumption in discussing the hunt-length issue; but I don’t want to release it because my datapoints are just eyeballed off your graph, which seems like not the right approach. 🙂

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