History of Mystery Hunt Lengths

Via Robert Buckingham, a graph of the length of the MIT Mystery Hunt:
Plot of MIT Mystery Hunt Lengths
I always quote 60 hours to shock people about how long it is, but that seems a little extreme.


9 thoughts on “History of Mystery Hunt Lengths

  1. Chris Morse is sitting next to me and questioning some of those data points — particularly the 2000 hunt, which he ran (Wizard of Oz). He claims that it was the shortest of all the hunts he ran and that it ended on 11:30 on Saturday. He is threatening to go downstairs and dig the proof out of the basement. I suppose I should tell Robbie this too…

  2. As a follow-up, Chris did go down to the basement and get the logs of that hunt. PAINTNIAP (aka palindrome) found the coin at 2:17 AM Sunday, putting it at 38 hours. The Tech article Robbie sourced his data from was off by 24 hours.

  3. Doh, there goes the nice –..–..– etc. pattern.

    Also, not to be too pedantic, but you mean “when the winning team found the coin” which is not necessarily synonymous with “the length of hunt” (see ’07 and ’10 at least, where many teams continued hunting after the coin was found).

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