UCSD is a new National Center for Biomedical Computing

Even though the main website hasn’t been updated yet, the NIH has funded a new National Center for Biomedical Computing here at UCSD, headed up by folks from the new Division of Biomedical Informatics. I’ve already been collaborating with some people from the DBMI, but I’m going to be doing work this year with the new center, named iDASH. It’s the only new center funded this year, and the only one from a public university, so we’re pretty excited about it!

Also, we need a logo!

“Fixes” for peer review

I Hate Your Paper — some suggestions for modifying the peer review process. I have a few more thoughts on this with respect to IEEE journals (and maybe the IT Transactions in particular), which is a topic of more than passing interest for me. I don’t know how much the link above applies, however.