In case you are in Austin…

I’m giving a talk on Friday, so come on down! This has been your daily self-promotion effort, thank you for reading.

Consensus in context : leveraging the network to accelerate distributed consensus

October 30, 2009 ENS 637
11:00 am

Gossip algorithms are a class of decentralized solutions to the problem of achieving consensus in a network of agents. They have attracted recent research interest because they are simple and robust — attractive qualities for wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks. Unfortunately, the standard gossip protocol converges very slowly for many popular network models. I will discuss three ways to leverage properties of the network to achieve faster convergence : routing, broadcast, and mobility.

Joint work with Alex G. Dimakis, Tuncer Can Aysal, Mehmet Ercan Yildiz, Martin Wainwright, and Anna Scaglione.


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