An article against tenure

Inside Higher Ed has an opinion essay by UToronto’s Mark Kingwell arguing against the institution of tenure, or rather arguing that it should be revisited. Some of the comments are as interesting as the article itself, but it’s worth a read.

As an aside, I disagree with Kingwell, but I don’t have a fully articulated critique (yet).


A hodgepodge of links

My friend Reno has a California Bankruptcy Blog.

The ISIT 2010 site seems quite definitive, no? (h/t Pulkit.)

The Times has a nice profile of Martin Gardner.

My buddy, buildingmate at UCSD, and fellow MIT thespian Stephen Larson premiered the Whole Brain Catalog at the Society for Neuroscience conference.

A fascinating article on the US-Mexico border (h/t Animikwaan.)

Kanye West is an oddly compelling trainwreck. (via MeFi).