3 thoughts on “ISIT 2009 : new adverbs

  1. To reply to the above, I’ll repeat what I just posted on Mitzenmacher’s website: My area of expertise is quite narrow, but for me at least, it seemed a somewhat less interesting ISIT than in other years. More people seemed to skip it this year than usual, judging by anecdotal evidence. When I asked my associates on Friday whether there were any revelatory results, the strongest answer I got was that the Shannon Lecture had some; most years that’s the last place you’d expect to find them.

    As for awards, as “reported” on Wikipedia, Te Sun Han is 2010’s Shannon Lecturer. If I’m not mistaken, Satish Babu Korada picked up another “Best Student Paper” award. I don’t recall who else won paper awards off-hand; they were supplying a fair bit of alcohol at the Banquet, so perhaps even the award winners forget!

    And, yes, I made Tsachy’s talk.

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