Dinner in Rio de Janeiro

I’ve had two good dinners already here (for those who are meat eaters). I should hit the gym to convert all the protein into muscle! The first was at Via Sete, which has pretty tasty appetizers, salads, and grilled meats and fish. We got some crab cakes (bolinhos) and calamari with manioc flour batter (it’s much soggy than normal fried calamari). I had a salad with grilled meat which was delicious (and also not too heavy, which was nice). The next dinner was at Braseiro de Gávea, a more traditional Brasilian restaurant. It was packed and the food was delicious — you basically order a set of grilled meat and it comes with one zillion side dishes (like farofa with eggs and banana, surprisingly delicious). I didn’t get to take pictures, but I might add them in later. Note : one dish serves about 3.5 people, so 3 dishes was waaaay too much food for the 7 of us. Afterwards we hit up the Academia de Cachaça, which was appropriate since some of us were in academia. They have a crazy array of cachaças to try in a pleasant open-air environment.


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