Well, that’s done then.

Mystery Hunt 2008 is over.

This year I had to hunt from Berkeley due to thesis pressures by keeping in touch via AIM and Skype. Staying awake for a long time to work is much harder when nobody else is around to help keep the energy up. But sleeping 3 hours in your own bed is about four times as rejuvenating as sleeping 3 hours on a couch or floor.

Just one observation for now : infinitely ascending chains of cryptic crosswords with interchangeable clues are awesome. But try not to pay attention to them when they start talking to you.


2 thoughts on “Well, that’s done then.

  1. But if you hadn’t listened to it, it wouldn’t have told you the answer, now would it have?

    I wish I hadn’t had to sleep in the middle of that puzzle. Definitley one of those puzzles that just leaves you in awe of the constructor. But I really, really needed to sleep them.

  2. I’m also sorry that I left you to go sleep. And that we screwed up the first level — I probably would have been able to stay up for the final solution if we hadn’t.

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