Choral Internet Radio?

Since I’ve all but abandoned choral singing this year in favor of writing my thesis (and boy does it bum me out), I’m at least trying to get more new old music in my ears. I tend to forget the iPod at home so I’ve turned to internet radio. For a while I was listening to KALX, but it’s not conducive to writing. For a while I was hooked on SomaFM, but no station there is quite what I want to listen to, ever. Then I turned to KKJZ in Long Beach for my jazz fix. I highly recommend it. Anuraag seems to be good for Indian classical music, but there must be other ones out there.

Now I’m itching for some good old vocal polyphony. Chant will do in a pinch. I came across this Choral Treasure station which is ok, but are there alternatives. Perhaps this is something Choralista should be able to tell me about, hmmmm?

[UPDATE: I can’t complain about any radio station that plays the whole Missa Papae Marcelli, so I hope I don’t sound like I’m dissatisfied with Choral Treasure…]