Changing editor colors on TexShop

A Pair of TeXShop Applescript Macros gives two scripts that let you change the font highlighting on TeXShop’s editor so you can get light text on dark backgrounds (for example). This was surprisingly difficult to locate, but might be of use to those who eschew Emacs.

(This link comes to you via Galen Reeves.)

UPDATE : I’ve been informed that the script will not change the text color on the latest version of TexShop. I’m not sure why that is…

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0 thoughts on “Changing editor colors on TexShop

  1. Do you really have any readers that eschew emacs, either with or without some nice auctex extensions?

    I admit I had to look up the definition of eschew before asking. I thought it was more mild than “shun” or “avoid.”

  2. Well, there are those who still call it “Eight Megs And Constantly Swapping.” This is, of course, back when 8MB of memory was a big deal…

    I had an aversion to emacs until I started MIT, which brainwashed me. Prior to that, certain influences in my life pushed me towards using vi.

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