I’m contemplating moving this blog over to for hosting, since they have nice features such as built-in LaTeX. I’d probably pay for the domain redirect (you have to pay for that???). I realized that I’m not using the extra flexibility of an external host, so it seems silly to pay for that. Does anyone else have any opinions or comments on feasibility/ease/worth of migrating?


Changing editor colors on TexShop

A Pair of TeXShop Applescript Macros gives two scripts that let you change the font highlighting on TeXShop’s editor so you can get light text on dark backgrounds (for example). This was surprisingly difficult to locate, but might be of use to those who eschew Emacs.

(This link comes to you via Galen Reeves.)

UPDATE : I’ve been informed that the script will not change the text color on the latest version of TexShop. I’m not sure why that is…