South African court rules on gay marriage

I don’t mean this the wrong way, but since when is South Africa more progressive on social issues than the US? This is the country that almost maintained apartheid into the 21st century, and they’re already legalizing gay marriage. Meanwhile, in the US, people still debate whether or not civil rights legislation was a good idea.

2 thoughts on “South African court rules on gay marriage

  1. South Africa is under new ownership, whereas the U.S. has pretty much been under the same ownership since one group of people landed on Plymouth Rock and the other had Plymouth Rock land on them. So it’s not a 100% fair comparison – the people what maintained apartheid are not remotely related to the people presently running the place.

    South Africa’s judges and judiciary are more British in their orientation, and the Brits are somewhat more progressive on these issues than the Americans. To the extent they’re not British, they’re Dutch, who are way more progressive on these issues than Americans.

    Evangelical Christianity as a political force is, from what I can tell, an exclusively U.S. phenomenon. It’s the thing that many, especially Europeans, simply don’t understand about our politics. Probably goes back to the Pilgrims being people who left Holland not because of religious persecution, but because they viewed it as a sinful, permissive place where you couldn’t burn your witches in peace.

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