shuffle and shake (finals edition)

Apparently I need to go back to the classics. Maybe the iPod is the hipster ouija board…

1. Cotton Tail (Duke Ellington)
2. Think (Aretha Franklin)
3. Circular Flexing (Squarepusher)
4. Black Bottom Stomp (Jelly Roll Morton)
5. Plenty More (Squirrel Nut Zippers)
6. You’ll see… when it comes (Samrat Chakrabarti/Soundtrack to Harvest)
7. Autumn in New York (Frank Sinatra)
8. Ich will meine Seele tauchen (Schumann/Wunderlich)
9. Dear Old Southland (Sidney Bechet)
10. Kanonen-Song [instrumental version] (Kurt Weill)
11. Légende (Wieniawski/Perlman)
12. Beatbox (Roni Size)
13. Temptation (Tom Waits)
14. Mon Cadavre est doux comme un gant (Poulenc/Stützmann)
15. Once In A Lifetime (Talking Heads)

A paper a day will return after I finish my MS thesis and catch up on my combinatorics.