in Soviet Russia, the iPod plays YOU

Someone should really do some rigorous distribution testing on the shuffle feature. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s not really uniform over the songs in the machine.

1. Foxy Lady (Jimi Hendrix)
2. Minimum Wage (They Might Be Giants)
3. Das Lied vom Kelch (Eisler/Brecht, perf. by Gisela May)
4. Everything Hits At Once (Spoon)
5. Line Up (Lennie Tristano)
6. Mach Doch (Fischmob)
7. Acetate Prophets (Jurassic 5)
8. The Deforme (Beatniks)
9. Sham Gayi Raat Aai, from Shri 420 (Lata Mangeshkar)
10. Bagatellen for String Quartet (Anton Webern)
11. Living Life [w/Rec Center] (Prefuse 73)
12. Po Lazuras (some chain gang from the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack)
13. No Compassion (Talking Heads)
14. Bag’s Groove (Thelonious Monk)
15. A Tisket A Tasket (Ella Fitzgerald)
16. Chramer Gip Die Varwe Mir, from Carmina Burana (Carl Orff)
17. Come Rain or Come Shine (Billie Holiday)
18. Everything Is Catching On Fire (They Might Be Giants)
19. Como Dos Extranos (Roberto Goyeneche)
20. Daughters of The Lonesome Isle (John Cage)
21. Fugue in A minor, BWV865 (J.S. Bach, perf. Glenn Gould)
22. Montparnasse (Francis Poulenc, perf. Stutzmann and Södergren)

0 thoughts on “in Soviet Russia, the iPod plays YOU

  1. I don’t know which is sadder – that Yakov is still around, or that one of you used his schtick as a subject line and the other recognized it. I think the latter.

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