anti-SSM and acting

A short observation before I head off to rehearsal, apropos to my previous post: in acting classes we are taught that you cannot phrase your objective in terms of a negative. That is, you cannot say that in this scene “I don’t want to do X.” That’s not actable — you can’t concretely do things to not do something. You have to instead phrase it like “I want to do Y.”

The argument against SSM could be phrased like “we want to preserve marriage for heterosexuals.” But that would make them seem like bigots. Instead, they try to phrase it like “we don’t want the meaning of marriage (= baby-making) to change.” But that’s not an actable objective, so all the arguments amount to sidling around confronting the real objective.

UPDATE : Upon browsing the Volokh commentariat, they don’t seem to buy her
“arguments” either.