letting my ipod choose the music

1. Crush With Eyeliner (REM)
2. Domino Theories Part I (Don Byron)
3. Critic Intro (They Might Be Giants)
4. Craisons in the Snole (Fischmob)
5. Lay, Lady, Lay (Bob Dylan)
6. Polka Dots and Moonbeams (Cassandra Wilson)
7. New Years Eve in A Haunted House (Raymond Scott)
8. Straight, No Chaser (Thelonious Monk)
9. Polly’s Lied, from The Seven Deadly Sins (Kurt Weill)
10. W.O.E. Is Me (Jurassic 5)
11. Rollend in schaumenden Wellen, from Die Schöpfung (Franz Josef Haydn)
12. Body And Soul (Frank Sinatra)
13. O Mistress Mine (Ralph Vaughan Williams)
14. Freundselig ist das Wort, from Cantata no. 2, op. 31 (Anton Webern)
15. Wax The Nip (Aphex Twin)
16. Nouvelles Adventures : Agitato Molto (György Ligeti)
17. Nicolas From Prison, from Saint Nicolas (Benjamin Britten)
18. Dreidel Song (Don Byron)
19. I’ll Wait and Pray [alt. take] (John Coltrane)
20. Big Time (Medeski, Martin & Wood)

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