In going through Google hits for my name I came across this reference to the ExploraVision contest that I did in high school. It seems so long ago, those trips to the Viscount Den for huge Pepsi’s, pulling all-nighters to get AfterEffects to correctly composite our video, having play performances and going immediately afterwards to NCSA to work… Looking back on it, we were completely insane. But I think that experience helped break previous attitudes I had about how days and work should be structured, and how much you can really do in one day if you put your mind to it.

It is pretty cool that we’re in the Congressional record though…


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  1. Sometimes searching for your username brings up more interesting results… like this message board (search for “errhode”) where someone uses a picture of me to demonstrate that just because a 40-year-old claims his girlfriend is 24, that doesn’t mean she’s attractive. (I would be offended, but it was a picture from the Miss Ugly competition.)

    And my favorite… the wet t-shirt fetish site that links to a picture of me and my high school friends. Which just goes to show… if there’s a picture of you on the Internet, someone has whacked off to you.

  2. Oh my goodness… MEMORIES. Viscount Den. Juhan Sonin. Marathon. De-boning (not a sexual reference, for those of you who ain’t down). Mr. Stone. Various computer labs. Falling asleep in impossible positions in office chairs. Desi male bonding. Skipping math class in the mornings (Anand always had to go, sadly enough).

    Interesting lesson you got out of it. For me, Exploravision made me realize that school is total bullshit, that it pays completely to focus on your own shit, and that prioritization is not only possible, but necessary to make shit happen. It gave me a taste of singlemindedness that I never really had before.

    It was actually a really amazing experience. I don’t look on it with any regret or feelings of burnout. I guess if we hadn’t WON THE DAMN COMPETITION I might be a little salty 🙂 but that’s why we were so ill.

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