bad blood

Accodring to my most recent blood test, I have high cholesterol. While this doesn’t particularly suprise me genetically, I never really thought of myself as an unhealthy eater. Apart being liberal with the cream cheese when I have bagels and a fondness for whole-fat yogurt (both of which are not everyday things), I don’t really eat unhealthily. So it was rather baffling when I looked at a recommended diet and suggested eating guidelines and discovered that I had been following most of them already. I suppose I’ll just have to cut out the incidentals like delcious Powell’s Fried Chicken. Mmmmm, fried chicken…


0 thoughts on “bad blood

  1. you should definitely ask a doctor what to do about it, since sometimes it’s the case that people eat completely healthily, and yet have high cholesterol anyway; it might not be the incidental fried chicken that’s doing it, you might in fact benefit from lipitor or another drug, as erin suggested.

  2. I’ve had high cholesterol at least since I was 8. And of course, they keep changing their opinions on what foods are really bad for you, what foods are okay, etc.

    Also, find out if your cholesterol is mostly HDLs or LDLs. IIRC, the latter are the bad ones.

  3. No, it’s the HDLs that are bad.

    And unfortunately, for other reasons I can’t take drugs for this. I’ll just have to watch my diet more carefully. And excercise or something.

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