catch-up on Darfur

No, Plamegate, the Michael Jackson trial, and other domestic fun and games were not being given so much attention because things in Darfur got better. Instead, it was just too depressing to keep going on about it, so the MSM wanted something else to talk about. Here is a piece encapsulating the situation in Darfur and its antecedents. Catch up and become alarmed. Something needed to be done a while ago. What is happening now?

0 thoughts on “catch-up on Darfur

  1. It is kind of Rwanda redux – it’s a story about people being killed in one of those deepest darkest African countries that no has ever heard of and certainly couldn’t find on a map. The only way that it would make the news in the U.S. is if a pretty young white woman were kidnapped by the janjaweed.

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