and then there were two

This morning I saw two of the three characters that often haunt the North Side. Allison wasn’t around yet, but the Conversationalist was having a conversation with himself about the Berkeley Daily Planet, or maybe it was a conversation with the Berkeley Daily Planet. It’s kind of hard to tell with him. The nice thing is that the one side of his conversations are way more interesting than any overheard cellphone call.

Outside Soda Hall, however, I saw three cops arresting Angry Man — he was handcuffed and being pushed towards one of the three cop cars that the UC Police decided were necessary for apprehending him. The campus police here take their role as The Man quite seriously here, so I wasn’t entirely surprised, but even to me it seemed a bit excessive. Angry Man was pretty passive the whole time, although he wasn’t willing to walk to the car and had to be dragged. The whole thing was a little surreal to me, considering my lack of sleep. I wonder how long it will be before he comes back.