and yet, I hate memes

But just for Sin‘s sake I’ll do it.

Number of books I own: Definitely in the hundreds, and if you count the books at my parents’ house that I lay claim too, perhaps a thousand. Though I don’t really think that you can count each individual Choose Your Own Adventure as its own book.

Last Book Bought: The Scar, by China Miéville. So far so good, but I’ve only really had time to read it on the bus.

Last book read: A Miracle of Rare Design, by Mike Resnick. This one was lent to me and I didn’t like it. It’s a sci-fi musing about a writer who is surgically altered to go undercover among all sorts of alien societies. It combines the anthropological sophistication of a bad Star Trek episode with profundity-via-inexplicable actions.

Five books that mean a lot to me:

  • The Phantom Tollbooth — this is a classic and should be read by all children and adults. You’ll never look a boredom in the same way again.
  • if on a winter’s night a traveler — I first got this book because Pari Zutshi saw it in one of the used bookstores in Champaign-Urbana (I want to say Jane Addams, but I honestly can’t remember) and she insisted that I buy it. Later she claimed that it was hers, at which point I surrendered it — a bad move on my part.
  • The Good Person of Sezuan — The first really political play I had really done, this gave me a concrete example of how the theater can engage the audience on a political and intellectual level beyond word games.
  • Theater of the Oppressed — Probably the first book that asked me to look critically at playmaking and to question the whole endeavor of the theater from the script to the presentation.
  • One, two, three, infinity — George Gamow is cool.

No more memes though. Really.

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4 thoughts on “and yet, I hate memes

  1. it’s more interesting (to me) than the similar movie meme, at least.

    i don’t think i’ve read any of the five books you listed. saw if on a winter’s night a traveler at Moe’s the other day, and thought of picking it up, but figured i could probably borrow it from you. 😉

  2. why do you hang on to books? I try to give the good ones to friends and if i cant send em off i try to give em to libraries. i never understood that, they get so dusty and cumbersome and if i want to reread them they are in the library… i remember you commeted to me once about how you owned way more books to make some point about how you were much more literate than me.
    i ignored you as i tried to do with most of your taunting 😉
    but it seemed like a ridiculous taunt – the goth jokes were much more fitting.

  3. Oh man. I thought you would answer the five books you would take to a deserted island… That was a meme running around in the portuguese web.

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