the times on firefox

The NY Times has a snarky article on the Firefox release and Microsoft’s reaction. I enjoy a good razzing of Microsoft as much as the next guy, but maybe this goes a little over the line. Of course, I use Firefox and think it’s pretty damn good. In fact, I almost considered uninstalling IE (I did on my Mac) except it would probably break Windows.

Hmmm… uninstalling IE : like hurling a brick at Windows.

The number of people who still use IE and complain about it is astounding. I guess the idea of looking for an alternative never occurred to them. Chalk one up for browser bundling — a brilliant strategy, to be sure.


0 thoughts on “the times on firefox

  1. I’d never go so far as to uninstall IE, for two reasons: 1) occasionally things are “designed” for IE (i.e., the code’s completely fucked up and broken, but IE can read it ’cause it’s fucked up and broken too), and 2) that way I can test my web pages in a variety of browsers and make sure that they look the same in all of them.

  2. i didn’t think it was too harsh.

    but yes, don’t try to uninstall IE on your windows box. depending on what windows you are running, it may not let you anyway.

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