tooth and nail

I have been cast in the Department of Theater, Dance and Perfomance Studies’ production of Tooth and Nail in the part of Angelo. Originally written by the Junction Avenue Theater Company, the play incorporates life-size puppets and a fragmented narrative to show the complexities of the end days of apartheid and the re-forming of political consciousness in the New South Africa. Angelo is the manservant to a white woman, and the theatrical convention employed in the play is that they only communicate with each other via operatic singing. I’m very excited! Hopefully it will spur me into accomplishing lots of things in my other endeavors as well.

classical cd guide

Check out Dave Freeman’s (known to me as “morose Dave”) Classical CD Guide. It’s a good way to get oneself educated about classical music in general. Since I’ve lost myself in the corners of choral music and avant-garde electronic noodlings, a primer on basic orchestral and chamber repertoire is a good thing to have around…

black rider

I saw The Black Rider at ACT last night. It’s a play by William S. Burroughs, music by Tom Waits, and directed by Robert Wilson.

It was AWESOME. So spot on in so many ways, and I learned many things about theater from it. Perhaps I’ll write about it later when I have more coherent thoughts.

300th post, hooray!

publishing advice

Via Open Access News, a good article on the ethics of publishing from the Yale Daily News. Peter Suber has the following addendum:

Here’s the missing half: if there aren’t OA journals in your field, or if your short-sighted promotion and tenure committee narrows your options, then you can publish in conventional journals and still provide OA to your work through self-archiving.

More appropriate for someone in my position is:

As students and young researchers, you may not yet enjoy ultimate control over the journals in which you publish. You may prefer to place your personal advancement over public access to your work — and while the entrenched hierarchy continues to reward this behavior, you’ll meet little opposition. But before you fire off that next manuscript to Cell, consider this: scientific journals exist to record and disseminate the research results, not to make publishers rich or restrict access to vital information.

Of course, I’m in a computer-savvy and web-savvy field, so it’s not so much of an issue. But there should be an ArXiV for other fields as well to help people disseminate faster.


Of course, since Berkeley is a place of extremes, it is no surprise to me that the few Republicans here are Extreme Republicans (TM). They’ve decided to invite, along with the “California Patriot,” noted bigot and revisionist historian Michelle Malkin to speak on campus and make the case that Japanese internment during WWII was a good thing and that we should do lots of racial profiling now. I’d go, but I have way better things to do with my time.


Over at Cultural Sabotage, Ranjit states the following objective:

We seek to decriminalize artistic expression. No graff writer should ever end up in County. Instead, we seek greater opportunities for artistic expression, specifically in the form of funded art programs and MORE LEGAL WALLS, particularly in neighborhoods under threat of gentrification.

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dead kennedys

I have the Dead Kennedy’s California Über Alles blasting through my crappy office headphones. It seems oddly appropriate now that we have an Austian governor, though Arnold and Jerry Brown don’t really fit together in the same space in my head. Of course, Jerry Brown is now running for Attorney General, so maybe the song will make a comeback.

California is so weird.

curiouser and curiosa

I went to the Curiosa Festival last Saturday at PacBell park. I’ve never seen a baseball diamond converted for a rock concert, and I was a bit underwhelmed. We had seats in the balcony, which means they were seats and didn’t allow us to wander between the first and second stages. On the second stage, the best act by far was Head Automatica, although their strutting and prancing got a bit old after the second song. The main stage had Mogwai, The Rapture, Interpol, and of course, The Cure. All of them rocked.
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