Of course, since Berkeley is a place of extremes, it is no surprise to me that the few Republicans here are Extreme Republicans (TM). They’ve decided to invite, along with the “California Patriot,” noted bigot and revisionist historian Michelle Malkin to speak on campus and make the case that Japanese internment during WWII was a good thing and that we should do lots of racial profiling now. I’d go, but I have way better things to do with my time.

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  1. You mean, like watching paint dry?

    I can’t stand to watch talks like that. It’s just frustrating and they’re usually so stubborn that nothing you say in return (if they allow you to respond) ever changes their minds.

  2. Malkin is an utter tool. Is this a case of someone being given a free pass on uttering complete tripe simply because she’s arguably telegenic (at least until she opens her mouth)? Ann Coulter II, but this time with dark hair?


  3. The daily cal covered her talk and seems to have misquoted her. In support of her claim that intermnent had no racial or ethnic basis, she reportedly suggests that an equal number of detainees from Axis countries other than Japan were held. From Zinn’s People’s History of the US, the number of Japanese interned comes to around 100,000, while detentions/interrogations of Italian, German, Hungarian, etc. do not exceed a few hundred. Interestingly, Roosevelt did sign an internment order for germans, and the camps were built! Perhaps Michelle had simply emphasized this and was misquoted about the numbers.

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