My friend Paul’s uncle has a meat shop in Elburn, IL, which has the best damn beef jerky I’ve ever eaten, and now they have a homepage. Perhaps I’ll order some jerky for the long autumn days out on the range with my laptop and… um… wireless internet… and…

Abingdon Square

by Maria Irine Fornes. I read a book on modern American theater earlier, with an emphasis on the legacy of Gertrude Stein, and it reminded me that I never had read anything by Fornes. Unfortunately, this was the only play of hers that I could find in the Berkeley Doe library. I say unfortunately because after reading it I want to read more of her plays.
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According to the BBC, piracy is on the rise in the South Seas:

Indonesia suffered 50 attacks, although the figure was lower than the 64 reported in the first half of last year. “It was also the location where the greatest violence was experienced, with many of the pirates armed with guns and knives,” the IMB said.

The question is, did the pirates have their knives between their teeth?

Seriously though, this is terrible. I blame Disney.

UPDATE: For a real serious take on it, Kuro5hin has more details.

US House and Open Access

From ScienceNow:

And in a surprise move, a U.S. House committee has recommended that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) post its grantees’ papers on a free Internet site. Scientific societies and for-profit publishers were stunned by the language, which they say would drive traditional journals out of business.

This sounds like good news, but we’ll see if it makes it past the House (=cutting room) floor.

For more information on open access publishing, check out the Open Access News Blog.

Mr. Obama will go to Washington

Nick Confessore over at TAPPED writes:

To put it crudely, Obama is the black candidate African-American voters and middle-class whites both feel good about.

And it’s too true. From what I could garner when I was back home, the view of Obama in middle-class white Illinois is that he’s like the black orphan that the nice white family adopted and oh how generous they are and how well-spoken he is oh my. The palatable black man. This is not a criticism of Obama, or that he should position himself as anything other than what he is. He did not grow up in the hood and to posture like that would be disingenous and detrimental to his campaign. For all the excitement I have about him, his meteoric success is a sad indication of how far we have yet to go in this country.