etymology lesson I

From the Online Etymology Dictionary:

bunny – 1690, dim. of Scottish dialectal bun, pet name for “rabbit,” previously (1587) for “squirrel,” and also a term of endearment for a young attractive woman or child (1606). Ultimately could be from Scottish bun “tail of a hare” (1538), or from Fr. bon, or from a Scand. source. The Playboy Club hostess sense is from 1960. The Bunny Hug (1912), along with the foxtrot and the Wilson glide, were among the popular/scandalous dances of the ragtime era.

Thanks to Adrienne for making me look this up.


the animals like john edwards

We are bunny-sitting our landlord’s bunny. I have named her Ms. Floppity Hop. After spending much of the early evening hiding in corners or in her cage, Ms. Hop (or should I call her Floppity?) started roaming around the room as soon as John Edwards started talking about living week to week on our paycheck. I take this as a sign that Edwards has truly reached out to the bunny community — they too want One America.