no cookie

My paper was rejected from Globecomm with a 2/5 rating (weak reject). And it was rejected for reasons that are entirely related to my poor exposition of the ideas. Nothing like a good heaping plate of blame and guilt to dull the sharp edge of summer.

0 thoughts on “no cookie

  1. blame!?!? guilt!?!! you’ve got the wrong idea, man!

    fury! righteous indignation! rage! rage against the dying of the light!

    enh, fuck it. next time.

    i swear, anand, you’re one of the most talented and hardworking people i know. and you beat yourself up more than anyone i know. don’t let this shit bother you. it’s counterproductive. a small failure amid a lifetime of achievement is negligible.

    i’m sorry if it sounds insensitive, because it does suck, but for god’s sake and the sake of your goddamn blood pressure, don’t let it get you down.

    (i considered psychiatry as a profession for a time in high school. aren’t you glad i changed my mind?)

  2. Please don’t beat yourself up. Rejection sucks, but you now have a better idea what the reviewers expect and can put together a kick-ass paper for next year.

    I’d be happy to sit down and work with you on a paper sometime. Technical editing is one of the things I do for a living, after all.

    As a side note, while looking at Ari’s livejournal user page, I noticed that you had gotten an account. I’ve added you to my friends list in case you ever want to read my journal. My username is just “linley”; original, I know.

  3. I’m not kicking myself to pieces here — of course my posting sounded overdramatic, but I don’t really think I can find a cleaner/nicer proof of the lemmas I need, although I did tighten things up in a later draft, adding all the references and all. I just needed to do that work before the conference deadline rather than afterwards.

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