sins of the flesh

The festering possum corpse that was under the new house has been removed. This begs several questions — why did the landlords insist that it was a rat when in fact it was a much larger creature with a much longer ETD (estimated time of decomposition), why didn’t they just go ahead and remove it earlier if they could, and why does this make me even more stressed out than I was before?

0 thoughts on “sins of the flesh

  1. Was that the only thing down there? Possums, as I recall, are solitary, but you never know.

    We’re still trying to figure out what to do about the rats we see scurrying around from time to time. I don’t worry about them actually coming into our place as long as we have the Dynamic Vermin-Hunting Duo, but they are pretty brazen about running across the front yard.

  2. relax…

    the landlords probably didn’t remove it because they were hoping it was a rat with fast ETD, thus eliminating the need for removal. (removal probably wasn’t fun.) also, landlords usually have a very low sanity rating.

    i would feel far more comfortable having possums be future possible denizens of my new home, than rats! ETD not withstanding, be happy. new big house – secret passages – big parties – yay! 🙂

    btw, in this universe, what does ETA stand for?


  3. You’re even more stressed out than you were previously because you’re just built that way. I’ve decided that an “Occam’s Razor” sort of approach is acceptable in this case. Besides, if you weren’t stressed out about SOMETHING, I don’t know that I’d love you as much as I currently do.

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