one big union of all the Dementors

According to the the Maoist International Movement movie guide, Harry Potter is an anti-fascist series that nevertheless caters to the piggy bourgeois appetite. Their parting shot in the review of the latest movie:

We would only add that in real life Dementos [sic] would have unions, and those unions would make sure that more prisons get built, guards hired and secrecy built in connection to any abuses by prison guards, most recently including two prison guards who went to Iraq and continued their profession at Abu Ghraib.

What is with these guys? When I went to hear Mike Albert of ZMag give a talk at MIT, he talked about how important it was to reach out to those who don’t believe in progressive causes. The communist bookstore guy and Aimee Smith derided his position, saying that “Joe Sixpack” would never try and work for real change. How fucking elitist is that? The Socialist Worker and MIMnotes people have the same dialogue-denying asshat attitude that born-again evangelists have.

I don’t know why I’m so angry — perhaps its because I believe that a lot of the injustices they point at need to be addressed but that their approach to fixing them is so untenable.

0 thoughts on “one big union of all the Dementors

  1. haHA! that is priceless. unionized dementors. that torture people. i think that’s what really gets me. dementors are *supposed* to torture people. i mean, that’s their purpose, not just to guard.

    i feel shallow that i’m not addressing the more meaningful part of this post, so i will. i agree. people who are married to a particular ideal will tend not to think outside that box (broad generalization caveats apply). people who have devoted a large portion of their lives to a particular cause don’t like to realize that they’re wrong. that’s why we shouldn’t elect people like this to be president! (whether they are communist, republican, libertarian or green)

  2. “The communist bookstore guy and Aimee Smith derided his position, saying that “Joe Sixpack” would never try and work for real change. How fucking elitist is that?”


    and besides being elitist, how on earth do you expect to get anything done if you deride those who are already working for good?

    i am reminded of some religious people who fall into lying and being catty jerks. it’s like once you’ve confirmed yourself as a good person, you can stop trying. remember pollyanna’s necklace?

    mr. sarwate, i miss you.

  3. I have a great story about a “The Social Workers” representative who harassed me at Berkeley… You want to scare them, tell them you love communism, and you think Bush’s policies in education are so great, because vouchers helped your little brother… The funny thing is, the person was a german green party member who was in Berkeley, just to harass people into saying yes to buying a copy of this paper.

    I have a good friend of mine who said: it is only natural to be a communist until you are 15. Then you grow up!

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