Market and Laguna. This is a nice small Peruvian restaurant that is usually quite busy on the weekends, but if you go at off-times you should have no problems getting a table. I had never had Peruvian food before, and I have to give it two thumbs up, although the service here is a bit spotty and can take away from the experience. If you avoid going during happy hour you should be ok. On the drinks menu, the cocktails are exotic but nothing special, the sangria is less than robust, but the pisco drinks are quite good.

The menu is divided into small plates and larger plates. The large plates are pretty big, and the small plates are not tiny, but not generous, to say the least. My number one favorite dishes on the menu are the beef heart skewers, the cebiche with tuna, and the arepas, which are a sort of corn pancake with fresh salsa on top. My mother particularly enjoyed the stuffed squash, which is a larger dish. Be sure to be on the lookout for their specials, which have always been good when I’ve gone.


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