a pledge

We had to say this every time we went to the library in elementary school. I think it has influenced me profoundly. It neatly encapsulates some of my personal philosophy and how I interact with the world and my fellow humans.

Life is short. Therefore, I shall be a crusader in the fight against ignorance and fear, beginning with myself.

God bless Ms. Vickers-Shelley.


0 thoughts on “a pledge

  1. Certainly when I think of people who have influenced my life profoundly, she is close to the top of the list. She instilled a life long love of learning in me.

    And she’s still there! They’ll probably have to pry her out of that librarian’s chair.

  2. *sigh* I wish we had librarians like that. I did have one, whom I shall always remember with the greatest love for introducing me to Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (“Good Omens”!!).

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