the absurdists could not do better

Via Talking Points Memo, a transcript of a White House press conference. As a script, it is kind of lacking the absurdist oomph that The Bald Soparano has, but as a start, I’m sure it could make a scene to rival the best of the absurdist theater.

Admittedly, the press corps were being pretty ruthless, but the inability of our current administration to answer a simple question straight-on makes Bill Clinton look like a paragon of forthrightness. How the president manages to make himself seem like a straight-talking man of the people while engaging in this ring-a-ring of roses boggles my mind.

0 thoughts on “the absurdists could not do better

  1. Ah well, I think it has more to do with the common public sticking their fingers in their ears than what they interpret from what can see on television.

    After all, with American Idol and Average Joe on television, how can you ask people to care about the government.

    This was written in full sarcasm mode, I hope I projected.

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