bottlecap collections

Now, I do use iTunes, but haven’t bought anything from their store. I also don’t drink Pepsi. But if I did, I would probably consider Tune Recycler, which will take bottlecaps and redeem them for songs from indie labels and help all those indie rock kids trying to make it in this harsh and angst-ridden world. Each bottlecap also gets Apple more money for its iTunes store, which may or may not be your bag, depending on how you feel. But it’s a cool idea nevertheless. It reminds me of microcredit schemes for some reason. More on that later.


penguins of the world unite

I heard and read on the BBC today that the UN is concerned about the ownership of biotechnogies devolving from Antarctica. I didn’t even realize the UN had a University down there. But the whole notion of large corporations raiding the ecosystem and patenting genes and proteins from research done by the UN is pretty odious. I think someone should go and organize a grassroots resistance among the penguins. One big union of all the flightless aquatic waterfowl. They have nothing to lose but their chains!