Filozofer Krew

I think that philosophers should have street/stage names to make them more “relevant” to the youth of today. For example, Wittgenstein could be “Da Witt,” and
Heidegger could be “DaZyne.” If I worked hard and knew enough philosophy, I could come up with more — “MC Imperative” for Kant, “DJ ‘Spin’ Oza,” and “Dilektik” for Hegel are some possibilities.

10 days until the prelim. I think I need to lay off the coffee, it’s making me jittery.

Summer school is an odd thing. They work you twice as hard, but it’s considered not as good to take a class in the summer as opposed to fall or spring. Is it because the teachers are supposedly worse? Or does the accelerated pace devalue the education? Or is it because taking summer classes is cheaper than paying full tuition in a semester?


0 thoughts on “Filozofer Krew

  1. I would offer Jean-Paul Sartre as JPS-One, with his politically charged debut album, “L’Etre et le Napalm.” Then there’s thuggish, mean, and short Thomas “Hob Nobba” Hobbes, whose single “Leviathan” needs no re-titling. Also, Friedrich Nietzsche as “Da Oobamensch,” would be at a loss for who to shout-out to in liner notes, acceptance speeches, etc.

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