A little paper house all my own

We have a place to live. Thank goodness. But now I have to learn how to garden properly so we can grow tasty herbs, fruits and vegetables.

I went to Pettingell Book Bindery in Berkeley today and bought some blank books. It would be cool to make paper. Something fun to learn for a month, and maybe I can make something nifty in the process.

I imagine that somewhere Norbert Wiener is laughing at me, surrounded by his cohorts of evil elves in pointy hats. Laugh it up, Norbert. We shall have a reckoning at the proper time.

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0 thoughts on “A little paper house all my own

  1. Hmmm, I guess it would be appropriate to mention that the fellow from Luxemburg Leasmiene has been laughing at Wiener for the past 40 years, since he married Jaemin.

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