I am in a bloody business

decimation – early 15c., from L.L. decimationem, from L. decimare “the removal or destruction of one-tenth,” from decem “ten.” Killing one in ten, chosen by lots, from a rebellious city or a mutinous army was a common punishment in classical times.

Signal processing is full of decimation. But it’s usually by 2. I guess it should be “bimation” or something. I should learn Latin. But first, I should learn signal processing, no?

Christy and I hiked a short trail in Marin yesterday, and then I managed to fail to drive to wine country. After coming back, we watched Swingers at the Pyramid Brewery. It resonates with me much more now that I’ve moved from the East Coast to California. Now I just have to learn how to swing dance. And get a booking agent.

Something odd about Berkeley: there are no carwashes, it seems. I mean, no drive-through carwashes, like the kind I loved to go through as a child. Instead, you pay $10-$30 and have a horde of people descend on your car and wash it by hand while you sit inside.