A Short Play

[two children, BOBBY and SALLY sitting in the kitchen waiting for dinner, when all of a sudden two eyepatch-wearing villains in green swing in through though the window on ropes.]

PIRATE 1: Avast!
PIRATE 2: Arrrrr!
BOBBY: Who are you?
SALLY: Are you going to make us walk the plank?
BOBBY: I can’t swim!
PIRATE 1: Yer fate’ll be worse than that, ye swabs!
PIRATE 2: Ye’ll need a strong stomach to face yer fate,
PIRATE 1: Me name’s Broccoli Rob, and this is me first mate, Bruce.
PIRATE 2: But they calls me “Ell’s Sprouts.”
SALLY: Oh no, Bobby! I’ve heard of them! They’re the Green Sea Men!
BOBBY: What are you going to do to us?
PIRATE 1: We’re going to stuff you full of Vitamins A and K!
KIDS: Noooooooooooooooooo!

Ok, so it’s a work in progress. I blame Adam for the idea. Arrrr!

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0 thoughts on “A Short Play

  1. Oh, don’t even. Don’t pin that monstrosity on me. I may have been the twisted punster behind “Broccoli Rob,” but “Bruce ‘Ell’s Sprouts'”? Licenses get revoked for that sort of thing…

    Even still, lovely work.

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