ISIT 2018: call for CS theory papers too

I got an email from Venkat Guruswami encouraging those in the TCS community to submit work to the upcoming ISIT 2018 deadline. In particular, since ISIT papers are short (5 pages) it’s an ideal venue to publish more technical results or general tools (relevant to information theory) that get used in longer STOC/FOCS/SODA/etc papers. There was a lively discussion about what the “rules” were for ISIT, but basically:

  • the proceedings are archival so it counts as a real publication (no submitting the same result elsewhere)
  • ideal works would be things like coding theory problems of interest to both communities, TCS takes on IT problems, or general standalone results that could be applicable to information theory (or related) problems

The deadline is January 12, 2018. I guess I know what I’ll be doing for my winter vacation…