What’s the proper bibtex type for ArXiV papers?

I like to use @techreport, like

author = {Z. Shakeri and W.U. Bajwa and A.D. Sarwate},
title = {Minimax Lower Bounds on Dictionary Learning for Tensor Data},
number = {arXiv:1608.02792 [cs.IT]},
month = {August},
year = {2016},
institution = {ArXiV},
url = {http://arxiv.org/abs/1608.02792},

but the handy-dandy ArXiv to BibTeX uses @misc (which makes it less handy-dandy, TBH):

Author = {Zahra Shakeri and Waheed U. Bajwa and Anand D. Sarwate},
Title = {Minimax Lower Bounds on Dictionary Learning for Tensor Data},
Year = {2016},
Eprint = {arXiv:1608.02792},

I’d ask this on the TeX Stack Exchange but it seems more of a matter of taste.


5 thoughts on “What’s the proper bibtex type for ArXiV papers?

  1. Well, whatever you do, use “A. D.” as your initials not “A.D.” so it actually thinks D. is an initial, and use month=aug not month=”August”.

    I was part of the review team for the new ACM LaTeX/bibtex styles and best-practices for arxiv is something I brought up specifically that I hope and expect they’ll answer in a future best-practices document.

    • FWIW, here’s how we chose to store a recent article.

      @Article{ Pan:2016:MGA,
      author = {Yuechao Pan and Yangzihao Wang and Yuduo Wu and Carl Yang
      and John D. Owens},
      title = {Multi-{GPU} Graph Analytics},
      journal = {CoRR},
      volume = {abs/1504.04804},
      year = 2016,
      ee = {http://arxiv.org/abs/1504.04804},
      month = apr,
      archiveprefix = “arXiv”,
      number = “1504.04804v2”,
      eprint = “1504.04804v2”,
      primaryclass = “cs.DC”,
      nonrefereed = “true”

      • Hmmm, that seems more comprehensive. Issues I have with almost all solutions: citation doesn’t contain the day (which can matter when timestamping!), inconsistency with the version number. I do like the specificity you get with the extra fields, but also I wonder if it’s overkill for what is (in my mind) ultimately a tech report that you’ve submitted to a tech report series.

      • Easy to do a day-month if you want to:

        month = “25~” # aug,

        Since we publish about one of these a year, I don’t mind going to the extra effort to try to make it a comprehensive bib entry. 🙂

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