The English version of the Japanese cooking site Cookpad was launched recently. The launch means more lunch for me!

In case you wanted to listen to old African vinyl albums, you’re in luck.

I have a burning-hot hatred of payday loan places, so this Pro Publica piece just stoked the fire.

Talking robots… in spaaaaaaaaace!

A tumblr on how we make progress in research.

My friend Amrys worked on the Serendip-o-matic, a tool that may be more useful for those in the humanities than us engineer types, but is pretty darn cool.


One thought on “Linkage

  1. As a member of the One Week | One Tool 2013 outreach team, and the author of the official Serendip-o-matic style guide (forthcoming), I must inform you that the tool is properly known as Serendip-o-matic, sans definite article. But, also as an outreach team member, I am very, very glad to know you find it so darn cool. It was a wild week, and I’m still reeling from it. My blog stats also got a big boost from all the linkage, so yeah, keep it up!

    I have a comment in my brain that I have been meaning to add to one of your earlier posts about library weeding projects. Gotta get that back on the to-do list.

    Hope your summer is wrapping up nicely!

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