Troubles in how science is marketed to girls.

Human remains at Richard III’s grave! (That sounds like a cryptic clue but it isn’t).

An interesting take on Karachi, but I’d want a local’s opinion of it…

The case of Aseem Trivedi is a real travesty.

Bad Lip Reading does a number on Mitt Romney. They’ve also done Obama.


2 thoughts on “Linkage

  1. Re: “Pink” science

    I wonder if the problem is that pre-teen and teenage girls don’t actually relate to Barbie or Danica McKellar. (As an aside, I’ve always really liked what McKellar’s trying to do. Unlike the engineering Barbie, there’s at least real math in her books.) Much as there’s a wide-spectrum of “types” of men in STEM fields, perhaps it would be better to market females in STEM as being of all types: not just either the super attractive Barbie/Winnie Cooper or the “Teva wearing frumps” (n.b. that’s a thing?).

    • I think there aren’t good studies — if you talk to marketers, they will tell you that making a pink version of X will sell more X to girls. So if you make a chemistry set you can sell more of it to girls if it is pink.

      There’s a long road from color choices to role models though, so I don’t think it really addresses your point.

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