Some deals from Cambridge

Network Information Theory by Abbas El Gamal and Young-Han Kim is out! I saw copies in Young-Han’s office earlier this month when I was visiting San Diego. Having been at UCSD while the book was being written, I can attest to the comprehensiveness, attention to detail, and clarity of the writing. A must-have!

In addition, Cambridge is having a sale — many books for $10 softcover and $20 hardcover. Most of them are not comm/SP/IT related, so you won’t have to spend all of your money… One warning is that the website is INCREDIBLY SLOW and there is no real search interface for the sale, so you have to get through pages of “MRS Symposium Proceedings.” Titles that may be of interest:

and others, including sensor nets titles and miscellaneous wireless comm titles. Just use ENGR11 as the discount code.


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