Yes yes yes, all my posts are link posts now. I swear, I’ll get back to something more interesting soon, but I always promise that.

People post funny things to ArXiV.

Razib discusses new studies of the genetic origin of Indians.

Tips for food photography. I seem to know several food bloggers now.

A new study about bullying.

The University of Michigan is allowing longer tenure processes. This is in part to address the pressures of getting tenure and starting a family at the same time, but also particularly the culture in the medical school, where “very few faculty in medical schools actually take advantage of such policies [to halt the tenure clock].” The academic Senate Assembly was opposed to the change.


One thought on “Linkage

  1. Wait, I’m confused, because I thought the 10 year tenure process was already an option when I was at Michigan. You could choose the 5 or 10 year option, and 10 was geared towards people (namely women) who wanted to have kids. At least that’s how my first advisor explained it to me… maybe he just knew this was coming down the pipeline?

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