Library cataloging fail

Last week I saw this in the library at UCSD:

Shot from UCSD Library

One of these things does not belong in QA279

What is that, you might ask? Why it’s The Design Inference, by noted Intelligent Design proponent William Dembski. I thought perhaps some enterprising soul had hidden it away in QA279, the Library of Congress call number for experimental design, to keep it away from the corruptible undergraduate youth. However, much to my surprise, it was correctly shelved. I suppose you could call it a book on experiments, but it’s a far cry from D.A. Freedman’s Statistical models : theory and practice. I wonder what the LC call number is for pseudomathematical quackery?


3 thoughts on “Library cataloging fail

  1. My first couple years of grad school I borrowed a lot of TV show DVDs from the school library. But not House. Why? Because the House DVDs are housed in the medical school library downtown. *headdesk* Strangely, though, Scrubs was housed here. I guess med students can learn more from a fictional drama than comedy.

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