That viral singing Russian video

Several people have sent this video to me:

I have to admit, I was baffled by it, but assumed that it was some sort of Soviet television entertainment for which I lacked the context. However, I learned a lot more from this fascinating blog post by Justin Smith.


2 thoughts on “That viral singing Russian video

  1. What is baffling about this video? It is a different style from what we are used to hear, but it is clearly meant to be taking seriously (even without knowing the context), and the guy has a powerful voice. He is a better singer than most current singing celebrities in the US, for instance.

    • Well, I was baffled by the lack of context for the song. His expression is so strange, the lip-synching is so obvious, and there is no audience etc (as there are on other musical shows I’ve seen. So in any case, I was confused as to how I was supposed to take it.

      Clearly on YouTube the responses are mostly “that is so hilarious!” Thanks to the link above I know a bit more about Edward Hill and the vokaliz style.

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